Things are happening down at the bowling green in the park. ​The Friends of Albert Road (FARRG) is​ having a brand new petanque pit built.

Petanque is a french style of bowls and the pit is being built to international competition standards (4 x 15 metres). A big thank you to Haringey Council and the Ward Councillors for their support in bringing this about​, this is possibly the only petanque pit available for public use in the borough.

Next year we are intending to invite a team from Livry-Gargan - a suburb of Paris that has been twinned with Haringey since 1977 - to come and play a match with us. And later this month a French tennis team, over here to play a tournament in the park, will be invited to take part in a fun game after the end of the tennis competition.

Soon the hedge around the bowling green will be reduced in height by almost a half so park users will see what’s on offer and hopefully venture into the bowling area. The boules and bowls are available for use once we have volunteers in place who will help manage the area.​...so if you have some free time and want to be involved in this great initiative please get in touch​...using the FARRG email or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And there will be more developments, as soon as plans are finalized and more funds are raised …. watch this space.

Below are a few photos of building work by Rob Mead and his team.

petanque1 petanque2     petanque3            petanque4    

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