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Dear Member

I am writing to introduce myself as I have taken over from Peter Droussiotis as the new Chair of FARRG. Peter was chair for 15 years and played a pivotal role in the regeneration and success of the park, something I would like to thank him for on behalf of the committee. My own background is that I have lived locally since 2003 and my family has always enjoyed using the park and café as well as watching and playing sports on the football pitches.

Having been elected at the end of last year I am beginning to get my head around the requirements of the role! My prime aims are:

  •  To help improve the park’s facilities and make it attractive and accessible to all local people.
  • I want FARRG to be in regular communication with all members of the community and that includes publicising the wonderful events, weekly classes and gatherings at the Pavilion. Supporting Robby Sukdheo and his team in their hugely successful work running the tennis, basketball, table tennis, Aussie rules, football and the Pavilion Café is a very high priority.
  • We need to work closely with Haringey Council at a time when resources are under severe pressure. The recent government report on the future of parks underlines the need for organisations like FARRG to support and sustain our parks. (For more details on these reports see: https://spark.adobe.com/page/tU7SpvVdgG8TE/ and http://www.fieldsintrust.org/News_Detail.aspx?newsid=d0ce6be3-5f4c-4b0b-b054-e8ccfdd2fefa)
  • To make the Bowling Green, Club house and pétanque pit an exciting part of the park which will be attractive to all age groups.
  • And to increase and promote biodiversity in the park and improve natural habitats, including the pond, as well as extending planting areas.

I think Albert Road Recreation Ground is a wonderful and well-used park. I would encourage you to regularly check the website, http://www.farrg.org.uk/ and keep an eye on, and ‘like’, our Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/FARRG  – events are posted on both and information on all committee members can be found on the website.

Please encourage your friends and neighbours to join FARRG – it’s only £5 per year and makes for a real investment in our local green space.

Do contact me if you have anything that you want to draw my attention to or any queries.

All good wishes

Katy Ferguson

Chair of FARRG

In partnership with The Pavilion Sports & Café

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