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Dear Member

I am writing to introduce myself as I have taken over from Peter Droussiotis as the new Chair of FARRG. Peter was chair for 15 years and played a pivotal role in the regeneration and success of the park, something I would like to thank him for on behalf of the committee. My own background is that I have lived locally since 2003 and my family has always enjoyed using the park and café as well as watching and playing sports on the football pitches.

Having been elected at the end of last year I am beginning to get my head around the requirements of the role! My prime aims are:

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    theCommonFrog          There’s a new addition to our park – in the corner nearest the Winton Avenue entrance. It may look a bit like a churned up mess but this fenced enclosure protects an exciting new conservation project.     

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Things are happening down at the bowling green in the park. ​The Friends of Albert Road (FARRG) is​ having a brand new petanque pit built.

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