Katy FergusonKaty Ferguson - Chair

Elected Chair in November 2016. Katy has been involved with FARRG Bowling Green Sub-Committee since 2015. A resident of Winton Ave and a founder member of the organising committee for the first Street Party back in 2009, and all subsequent ones.  She also organises regular community events at the Pavilion and co-ordinates activities with other nearby streets. Since moving to the area in 2003 her son has played many muddy matches on the football field of Albert Road Recreational Ground. Katy is a   regular user of both the Pavilion Café and park, and more recently, has enjoyed life drawing classes held at the Pavilion Café.


Emma Burridge

Emma Burridge - Vice Chair

Emma has been a local resident since 1995 and has been involved with FARRG for a number of years.  She and her family are regular users of the park and her three children currently attend schools locally.  Having recently chaired the PTA at Rhodes Avenue she continues to be actively involved at the school.  Amongst many other activities Emma runs a Wombling Group for FARRG which meets twice a year.



Victoria Casey Fierro1

Victoria Casey Fierro - Vice Chair (Redevelopment Bowling Green/Club House)

Victoria​ ​has lived locally with her family since 2001​. Both her children have enjoyed the facilities in the park since they were very young and hopes many more families and adults will keep enjoying all the benefit the park and community provides. She has recently joined the FARRG Committee after serving on the Group’s Bowling Green sub-committee. She is currently Vice Chair for the Bowling Green development which hopes to provide more facilities for the community at large.

 jeremy cornishJeremy Cornish - Treasurer

Jeremy has lived in Alexandra Palace since 1992 and has recently joined the FARRG Committee after serving on the Group’s Bowling Green sub-committee, which is focusing on the development of that particular facility for wider community use. He is currently serving as Treasurer for FARRG.


Robby SukhdeoRobby Sukhdeo - Events Coordinator

Robby plays a pivotal role in the park as owner and director of the Pavilion Café and Haringey Tennis which runs the tennis courts within Albert Road Recreation Ground. FARRG has an official base within the Pavilion Café which has become a focal point for community involvement in the park, all thanks to Robby, who plays a pivotal role in our community.


Gianluca Lo iaconoGianluca Lo Iacono - Webmaster

Gianluca is an active member of FARRG currently fulfilling the role of Webmaster. He joined us back in 2005 and, together with Robby and Lucas, has been responsible for coordinating our PR and Communication activities. He is responsible for the maintenance and updating of our website and Facebook page. Gianluca and his family have lived in the area since they first moved to London back in 1991; although they have now moved to Arnos Grove, Gianluca continues to maintain close links to the park and our community.

Lucas Burridge

Lucas Burridge - Marketing & Communications Officer

Lucas has been a local resident since 1995 and has taken an active role in FARRG since 2009. With close links to Rhodes Avenue Primary School, he and his family are keen and regular users of the Park and all its’ facilities

tony healey bwAnthony Healey - Neighbourhood Manager West London Borough of Haringey

Tony has been Haringey Council's Parks' representative on the Committee of FARRG since its inception in 2001. He and the team he leads are responsible for the maintenance of the Ground as well as other parks in the west of the Borough. It's thanks to Tony and his team of park keepers (in particular Neil Armstrong), that our Committee and Park was rewarded with the prestigious Green Flag Award back in the summer of 2006 when first launched.....a standard and award that we have managed to keep to-date.

eddie webb bw

Eddie Webb - Committe Member

Eddie has been a member of FARRG since its formation in 2001 and was its first Chair for two consecutive years. He has lived near the park since the early 1990s and has always taken a keen interest in the park and surrounding area.  He has covered the role of Vice Chair for more than 10yrs until he decided to step down in 2016.

Maria Beaumont

Maria Beaumont - Committe Member

Maria Beaumont has been a dancer, fitness instructor, writer and novelist.  Her children, Sam and Holly, were part of the first intake at the Pavilion and they both continue to play/coach tennis here at Albert Road Rec.  Maria has often publicised events and activities in her columns in local magazines and newspapers and is also Captain of the Pavilion Ladies second team.


Matt Beaumont

Matt Beaumont - Committe Member

Whilst Matt Beaumont, Maria’s husband, has never been a dancer or a fitness instructor, he has also been a writer and a novelist.  Matt was responsible for designing and creating the new Pavilion Cafe logo and takes an active interest in all FARRG events, particularly the Quiz Nights which he has been co-hosting with Maria for several years.


Kirstie Watkins

Kirstie Watkins - Committe Member

Kirstie has lived in the area for the past 35 years and worked with children and young people in Haringey. She has enjoyed the park since her children were very young and have welcomed the great improvements that have taken place under FARRG and Robby's  stewardship. Now, having retired, she has more time to enjoy all the facilities and, together with other members of the committee, she plays a pivotal role in assisting in shaping the future of this popular community space.

Louis Webster - Committe Member [Honorary]

Louis has been a resident in the area for over 50 years. He is a dog walker who makes regular use of the Albert Rec. He played tennis in the park when younger, but now prefers to play bowls. Apart from being an active member of FARRG, Louis has been involved in voluntary committee work both locally as well as on a regional level, including Resident Associations, Crime Prevention and more. He was also Chair of the PTA at the old local APS (Alexandra Park School).


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