A century ago Durnsford Road did not exist but Albert Road did, and a brook ran along the bottom of the land that is now known as Albert Rec . There were no houses nearby, but there was a clay pit and a works site known locally as the brickworks, which was in operation until the first part of the 20th century

The area now occupied by the Albert Rec was used as an open space to play football in the early 1900s. Soon after, the recreation ground was officially formed, but half its present size, and had the main gate near what is now Clifton Road . Albert Rec was later extended to its present size and in 1925 a combined tennis and bowling club with a small pavilion (that was later extended) was built, and mini golf added. There was a small cafe operating before the Second World War, but it closed soon after the war ended.

In the 1920s Durnsford Road was built and in the early 1930s the swimming pool was constructed, which was for the day very modern. Film of residents enjoying the facilities can be found in the BBC archives. The pool was bombed during the war and later restored, but it eventually fell into disrepair and closed in the 1980s. In 1991 the old pool was bought by the Sunshine Garden Centre which has since transformed the area and has become active in supporting and sponsoring Park activities in the borough. In 2001, the Sunshine Garden Centre received the Mayor of Haringey's Local Business Award in recognition of its investment in the local area.

Sport and children's facilities have always been part of Albert Rec and continue to be so this day.

FARRG (Friends of Albert Road Recreation Ground & Play Area), which organises events in co-operation with Pavilion Sports & Café, Haringey Council and other partners, has been active in the park since 2001 and has been a champion of community involvement, partnerships and the total regeneration of the recreational and other facilities in the Albert Rec. In recent years the Pavilion Café has been revamped to provide clean changing and toilet facilities and a warm welcoming café. It has now become a popular venue for a variety of social events, private functions, parties and other community events, including a diversity of activities organised by FARRG. Pavilion Sports & Café, leaseholder of the café and the neighbouring tennis & basketball courts which have been completely revamped following a grant secured from the Tennis Foundation, has ensured a renewed community interest in the tennis & basketball courts and offers tennis and basketball coaching for all ages. The Bowling Green and Clubhouse behind the Pavilion represent the latest addition to the facilities available (or to be made available) to park users.

In partnership with The Pavilion Sports & Café

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